Friday, April 5, 2013

Lucky Leprechaun

      I am so sorry for doing this so late but a few weeks ago my Mom and I  made St.Patricks Day treats. I made cupcakes and my Mom made leprechaun hats. She made them out of girl scout cookies called thin mints, marshmellows, melted chocolate, and the lucky charm leprechaun hats. First you dip the marshmellows in the melted chocolate, then you place the marshmellow on the thin mint cookie and decorate them with the lucky charm hats.  I made the cupcakes with a friend and her name is Maisie. She is also starting a blog of her own and it will be about decorating and organization. We made the cupcakes from a yellow box cake from Betty Crocker then baked them.  We decorated them with green and white frosting, some were just white, some were just green and some were white with green decorations. We had a lot of fun! Hope you have good luck all year!

                                                                           Au Revoir,