Saturday, October 12, 2013

Somewhere over the Rainbow


         Ellie here again! I want to  talk to you about the rainbow cake I made. My rainbow cake was beautiful, tasty and colorful. Let me tell you how I made this masterpiece. First, I mixed a white cake mix then divided it into 5 different bowls. After that I dyed each bowl these colors: red, yellow, green, blue and purple. Then, I

baked them separately. I stacked them with vanilla butter cream icing in between the layers. I then did a crumb coat(a thin layer of icing) and let it sit to harden. A final layer of icing was then applied.  I cut into it and it looked so cool. At first I thought the layers were to thin, but I was wrong. The rainbow looked great. I hope you enjoy the pictures down below!

     OK, I'm not done yet.  I made an amazing DUCT TAPE dress! First I rolled out the duct tape to the  length I wanted and I cut it  into the shape I wanted. After I layered it, I added a back side and a tiny purple belt also made of duct tape. It turned out pretty cool . I forgot to mention the duct tape I used was a chevron pattern and the colors were green, pink, and orange.

                                       Au Revoir,