Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Fun!!

Bonjour guys,
       This past weekend I made some amazing desserts. One was for fun and one was for a birthday! The first one I made was orangesicle cupcakes! These orangesicle cupcakes came out of a box cake from Pillsbury. It had matching orangesicle icing to go with it. What I did for the icing is I put it in a baggie with a tip on the inside and I did a little swirl of icing on top! The cupcake and icing were very good and the actual cupcake was pretty calm, as was the icing.  The cupcake tasted almost as if there were pockets filled with flavoring, which I thought was cool. To go with the orange idea I paired this with some high wasted black jean shorts with a zipper on the side and my favorite top for the summer!

The next treat I made was a 16th birthday cake for my cousin Brennan! He wanted something pretty simple so the cake I did for him was a white cake mix paired with homemade chocolate icing! I stacked the two cakes so it was two tiered. The layers were different sizes which is similar with the some other cakes I have done before. I iced it with the chocolate frosting! I didn't decorate it because he said he just wanted it with the cake and the frosting nothing more and that's what I did.

That's it for this blog but I will have another one posted very,very soon I hope you enjoy!

                                              Au revoir,