Sunday, February 8, 2015


Bonjour guys,
           I've missed everyone so much. Sorry I haven't blogged I've been so busy lately with back to school, activities, and alot more. Well to catch up on lost time I'd like to start with my trip to Chicago. First I want to start with how I found out about the trip. On July 4, 2014 my parents asked if we wanted to play charades so of course my brother and I said yes. While we were playing charades my parents chose to do a cub so they  tried that and my brother guessed cub, so after they did the motion of an airplane and I guessed trip. My brother guessed the Cubs baseball team and asked "are we going to Chicago?"and my parents said yes. My brother and I were so excited about it. I knew we're going to find some good places to eat there. I was excited to get on the plane and go to Chicago. When we got there we went to our hotel first and got settled in.
           The first place we visited was Eataly. At Eataly there is everything Italian all in one place. There was a gelato stand where we all got gelato and right next to the stand there was my favorite, a Nutella stand. We stayed and ate an Italian lunch. Next my family and I went to a Cub's game. There I got some delicious lemon ice which was refreshing because it was so hot. On our way to dinner we spotted a Hershey store. When I went in, it was chocolate galore. The one item I was allowed to buy was a 6 ounce Hershey kiss, it was delicious. The last and final sweet place we went to was Glazed and Infused. This is a gourmet donut place. There my mom and I got a chocolate donut, and standard donut, a sprinkled donut, and my favorite a white chocolate passion fruit donut. This was, by far,  my favorite place to go on the trip. Look down below for some pictures of Chicago and the places I went!

                                                              Au revoir,



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